WSJ: [Norman Hsu] How a Business Flop Became Political Force

The Wall Street Journal continues its in-depth reporting on the corrupt Asian-American businessman and political contributor Norman Hsu in  “How a Business Flop Became Political Force“:

“An in-depth look at Mr. Hsu’s peculiar rise and abrupt fall reveals a man consumed with a desire to gain respect and wealth, even as his scattershot business ventures failed at every turn. In politics, he found everything he seemed to be looking for — glamorous friends, acclaim and a measure of credibility that he used to help attract investors to his dubious business pitches. His business failures and resulting deceptions required him to construct a facade. To those who met him, he seemed a success, filled with confidence, warmth, generosity and sincerity. But he was dogged by lawsuits and angry creditors, once outwitting an intimidating debt collector nicknamed “Shrimp Boy” by telling police he was being kidnapped. He would tap one circle of friends, then disappear, only to turn up later with new friends and new funding.”

It continues to amaze me that in today’s Internet and information age, how Norman Hsu has been able to, over a long period of time, dupe his investors as well as work his way to be one of the most influencer political contributors in recent time. I guess if you are a good con man, you can get away with a lot of things.

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