Will Yun Lee, One of the “Sexiest Men Alive”

I had previously profiled Will Yun Lee in my blog post “Bionic Woman: Looks Like Starbuck Has Yellow Fever.” Well, in the most recent issue of People Magazine, their “Sexiest Man Alive” honor goes to Matt Damon, but the magazine goes on to honor other sexy men, including Will Yun Lee:

“The 32-year-old star plays a special agent on Bionic Woman, but if he had the chance to step into a bionic body, what would he want made super-strong? “Bionic legs. Can any guy be trusted with bionic vision?” You’ve gotta love a man who’s honest!”


Last year, Survivor’s Yul Kwon was listed as one of the Sexiest Men Alive. Maybe this is a trend! But it’ll take more than People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue to change Americans’ stereotypes of Asian-American men.

Kind of off topic, but I don’t think having Asian-American male porn stars will help either (though if you haven’t seen James Hou’s documentary, Masters of the Pillow, it’s quite interesting – following UC Davis’ Asian-American Studies Professor Darrell Hamamoto quest to produce the first porn movie with an Asian-American male lead, which is mocked in this extremely funny The Daily Show clip here, “They So Horny.” 11/19/03)

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