Follow-ups: Goh Nakamura, Kayla the Asian YoBaby, Writers and other stuff

Two months ago, Samantha wrote about Goh Nakamura’s newest video, “Embarcadero Blues.” Turns out that wasn’t the final cut – the following video is the finished work. And on top of that, the video was linked off of YouTube’s front page, giving the video over a QUARTER MILLION views and giving Goh official status as an internet celebrity. As someone who’s met Goh, I can honestly say that I couldn’t be any happier for the guy.

We also blogged about voting for Kayla, the Asian Baby for the YoBaby Yogurt Cover Baby Contest. Thanks to your votes (you did vote, right?) Kayla was one of two contest winners! Kayla and family get to spend a fully expensed trip for four to San Francisco, California! Except they live in Fremont, a twenty minute drive away. Oh well.

We also never properly introduced our newest writer, Lily. That makes me a horrible website administrator, and a million apologies for that. Her bio is as follows: Lily Huang is a writer of Taiwanese descent, who lives on the East coast. She grew up in suburbia completely oblivious to Asian culture, and is making up for it now. Give her a warm welcome.

Finally, You might have noticed the slew of ads that have come up. I’ve made no secrets that it would be nice if made a little bit of cash on the side, but we always want everyone to not rip their hair out viewing the site and participating, so if you have any question or have feedback, let us know. And seriously, fill out our survey. It helps me figure out who’s checking the site out – we can cater the site better for you guys that way, and maybe you’ll win a bumper sticker or a t-shirt or something cool like that. The survey closes December 1st.

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