‘Bringin’ Sexy (Beijing) Back’

I came across this ongoing series titled “Sexy Beijing” (credit goes to a commenter named “Craig” for bringing it to my attention). Apparently, it’s been around for over a year now and has slipped under our collective radars. Doh! In any event, here’s a real brief synopsis: It’s a Sex and the City-esque documentary style series starring an American white woman named Su Fei (whose fluent Mandarin Chinese blows mine out of the water). We follow her around as she explores the culture, life and people of Beijing.

Two of my favorites are “Country Loving” (below) and “Bad Boys of Beijing“. For more episodes, here’s the link to their website.

Is it just me, or does anyone else find her inexplicably yet wildly attractive? Somewhat Lisa Loeb, a dash of Tina Fey and a slice of Carrie Fisher (circa When Harry Met Sally… don’t ask).

*Follow up: Here’s an article from CNN covering Su Fei and Sexy Beijing.

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