This isn’t going to piss anyone off, I don’t think.

One of the lovely things about Facebook is finding random groups of people who have common interests about the most bizarre things.

For instance, there’s a group like this one: I survived a relationship with a Vietnamese/Korean Girl

A support group for those who are/have been in a relationship with a Vietnamese/Korean girl, who are known to be traditionally the most violent of all Asian women.

You are invited to share horror stories, offer support and advice to others.

“I remember I was visiting a Vietnamese ex girlfriend once cause I wanted to get my XBox controller back. She wanted me to stay for just 15 minutes, but I told her politely I had a schedule to keep. When she met me outside, she threw the XBox controller at my head with the accuracy of a shuriken throwing ninja. The relationship ended by the time I had regained consciousness.”

My very own true story.

They are like cigarettes. You know they’re bad for you, but you can’t say no.

Vietnamese/Korean girls are more than welcome to join, and share their stories of how they have made others suffer.

One of their seductive charms, is their food. Be it Bibim Bap, or Pho, their pleasant food is damn delicious. Then when you catch the itis, they attack. With either the raping, or the violence. Sometimes, both.

Remember, I just cut and paste the above. I do not endorse anything written above.

Your thoughts?

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