The next evolution of pen twirling

I don’t care where you learned it or how. It seems that at some point, there was probably an Asian involved, wasn’t there? Pen twirling that is. Don’t deny it. You were in awe when you first saw it and you just gaped at the defiance of gravity as the pens just went back and forth and all over the place. You never knew pens could be fun, yet the person doing it looked bored and was probably studying.

Now, there’s a new pen, specially crafted for the art of twirling. It’s balanced, and has colorful LEDs and has different styles depending on what type of pen-twirling you do. PENmawashi was developed by champion pen twirler, Hideaki, and you probably don’t care but you know that you really really want one. Especially after watching the video and head-banging to that hard rock piece that accompanies it.

Photo Credit: (lintmachine)

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