Paramount Apologizes for Racism in “The Goods,” Pulls Scene from Trailer

As a result of the protests staged last Friday by a coalition of Asian American groups, Paramount has issued an apology for using racist language in the trailer for “The Goods.” Nikkei View and Angry Asian Man have posted copies of the email that Paramount issued to the JACL which confirms that “the marketing tools in question had been pulled.” This means the “Pearl Harbor” scene no longer appears in the trailer. They don’t apologize for the hate crime; just at the use of the word “Japs.” The scene has not been removed from the film, but at least this apology from Paramount is a better one than the original, “We’re sorry you were offended” apology that was previously issued. At least now we don’t have to be subjected to this stupid hate crime scene unless we are dumb enough to shell out money to see the film in theaters or buy the DVD. (More pictures of the protest on the MANAA blog)

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