YouTube Vlogger Frank Hwang, aka ice1cube

I have been following Taiwanese-American Vlogger Frank Hwang for the past year after being fed up with seeing all these videos on YouTube degrading Asian men. It was actually nice for me to see an Asian-American male giving relationship and dating advice as opposed to being the one having problems approaching the opposite sex.  What sets Frank Hwang apart from all the other Asians on YouTube is his words of wisdom to his viewers, especially to the younger audience.  In the video provided above, Frank talks about heartbreak mistakes focusing on the problems of listening for both men and women.  I actually wish there was someone like Frank Hwang around when I was younger so I wouldn’t make some heartbreak mistakes or mistakes in general.

With all the Asians making it big on YouTube like Happyslip, Kevjumba and Nigahiga, why has Hollywood not paid attention to these talented Asian-Americans?  If Justin Timberlake was able to sign on Youtube star Esmee Denter to his label or Journey inviting Arnel Pineda to be their lead singer, then why can’t studios sign on these Asian talents? It makes me wonder if it’s due to the fact that these Asians on YouTube defy the stereotypes of Asians shown in Hollywood films (i.e. Long Duck Dong).

To see more of Frank Hwang and parts 1 & 2 of Heartbreak Mistakes, please visit his YouTube channel, ice1cube.

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