KQED Radio Forum: Do Universities Discriminate Against Asian-Americans?

KQED Radio recently had a forum on whether Universities discriminate against Asian-Americans. The forum had people on different sides of the debate, including:

  • Angela Suh Um, founder and chief consultant with the Boston Academic Consulting Group and former employee in the admissions departments of MIT and Harvard
  • Daniel Golden, editor at large at Bloomberg News and author of “The Price of Admission: How America’s Ruling Class Buys Its Way into Elite Colleges — and Who Gets Left Outside the Gates”
  • Ling-Chi Wang, retired professor of ethnic studies and Asian-American studies at UC Berkeley
  • Mark Rashid, professor of civil engineering at UC Davis and former chair of the UC’s Admission Board (2006-2008)

Ling-Chi Wang mentioned that simulations of the proposed UC admissions policy changes show that Asian-American enrollment would drop, while Mark Rashid countered that a new simulation change showed little change.  Angela Suh Um brought up the “you don’t want too many Asians” argument, and I’m glad that another panelist brought up the fact that Asian-Americans are a very diverse group.
h/t: John

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