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Michael Hsiung’s FlockFlockFlock T-Shirt

There comes a time when the birds and the bees…wait, we mean, a man tours the world with his flock of angora unicorns while donning an inappropriate outfit. We’re in love with this t-shirt from FlockFlockFlock designed by Michael C. … Continue reading

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Long Live Blogger Prom Queen & 8Asians Co-Editor Joz!

Last week, tech savvy bloggers from all over Southern California gathered at Yamashiro Restaurant in Hollywood for the second annual Blogger Prom, celebrating a night of delicious food, drinks, live Tweeting, overflowing gift bags and prizes. On behalf of 8Asians, … Continue reading

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The Amazing Race’s Michael & Kevin, Meeting Winner Tammy

The Amazing Race premiered this past Sunday, and this season pairs up another Asian American team – this time the Taiwanese American  father-and-son team, Michael and Kevin. If you think you’ve seen Kevin before, you may have, because he is … Continue reading

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The Post Apu Era: The Aftermath of NBC’s Outsourced

We have come a long way- Asians in the media, especially from an era of “Fu Manchu,” Mickey Rooney’s “Mr. Yunioshi from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and of course Apu on The Simpsons. Yes, the first ever American sitcom to star … Continue reading

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Mail-Order Husbands: Brilliant or Disturbing?

We’re all familiar with the mail-order bride. Now, the emergence of an imported mail-order husband business of sorts has emerged by way of Thailand. Thai women who grow up “always dreaming of marrying a foreigner” are bought as brides by … Continue reading

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DNC Chairman Governor Tim Kaine Speaks to AAPI Democrats

This past Friday, Democratic National Committee Chairman Governor Tim Kaine dropped by San Jose, California to speak at the Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Democratic Leadership Strategy Meeting organized by DNC Vice Chairman and Congressman Mike Honda with Democrats … Continue reading

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Yi Jianlian Would Never Marry Someone Not Chinese

If you’re one of the many angry Asian males trashing commenters on 8asians on a regular basis about interracial marriages, congratulations! You now have a famous ally in NBA star Yi Jianlian, giving a point-blank “No” when asked about whether … Continue reading

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More Korean-Americans Showing Up at Free Clinics

More Korean-Americans are showing up local free clinics, reports the Korea Times. Statistics show a dramatic 50 percent rise in Korean patients compared to four years earlier; Koreans are among the most likely to be self employed as well as … Continue reading

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Koi Fish Washi Pencil Set

Sure, almost everything is done digitally over email and whatnot but there’s nothing more satisfying than writing with a good pencil–or writing on the go with style, thanks to this set of 10 Koi fish washi pencils ($9). Each pencil … Continue reading

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I Love Japanese Food T-Shirt

Do you love Japanese food? Share the love with this cute Sushi t-shirt ($25) from Cute Plush, adorned with tempura shrimp, sushi, onigiri, hot dog octopus and more! In case you don’t read Japanese, the text reads “I like Japanese … Continue reading

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Are Discrimination, Budget Cuts, and a Culture of Testing driving up Asian-American SAT scores?

“Do I have to go?  I think I can do well on the test!” Number One Son didn’t want to go to test prep course that The Wife and I were planning for him.    He’s in the 8th grade and … Continue reading

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