What Asian-American Kids watch on the Internet: The Morning Benders’s Excuses

When I drove my car after letting The Daughter use it, I noticed that she had replaced one of my CDs with one that she had burned.  I decided to listen to her CD, and there was one song I liked a lot that I couldn’t identify but sounded familiar.  I later asked her what song it was and who performed it, she said it was “Excuses” by The Morning Benders.  “Some Asians from Berkeley,” she added.  “You should check out the video.”  I did, and I found I liked it too.  The song is familiar because it was used in a Reeses TV commercial.    The Morning Benders album “Talking through Tin Cans” was deemed best Indie/Alternative Album by iTunes in 2008.

Number One Son liked it also, and when I played Excuses in the car, he asked me to play it again.  Number Two Son really didn’t care.  He would rather watch this latest from Freddie Wong, “Real Life Mario Kart,” or watch Justin Bieber getting shot over and over again.

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