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Commenter Spotlight: Pamela N Red

Commenter Spotlight is a weekly interview with the people who comment on – whether what they have to say is insightful, touching, humorous or controversial, they’ve earned the respect of other readers. 8Asians readers, meet commenter Pamela N … Continue reading

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Guan Xi: The Art of Repaying Obligations

By Pang Guan xi in Chinese is often translated as “relationship” and colloquially explained as “I scratch your back, you scratch my back.” But it goes beyond trading favors; they are favors with strings attached. It’s an insidious obligation and … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Esurance’s The Bet I saw this Esurance television ad the other day, where the character Alan (played by actor Aaron Takahashi) is definitely playing the stereotypical geeky software developer role compared to his more attractive colleague Brenda. I do find it funny … Continue reading

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APA Spotlight: Gregory A. Cendana, Executive Director, APALA, AFL-CIO

APA Spotlight is a weekly interview of Asian Pacific Islander Americans (APIA) community leaders. It is a spotlight on individuals who have dedicated their careers to issues surrounding the APIA community with the goal of bringing much deserved recognition to … Continue reading

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Asians Behaving Badly: Jason Li, Vancouver Hockey Fan Rioter

Dear Jason Li: By the way, I can call you Jason, right?  I mean, your name is all over the internet now.  Good! You know, I feel for you. I really do. Your hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks lost the … Continue reading

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Filipino Declared World’s Shortest Man

On the same day he turned 18, Filipino Junrey Balawing was declared the world’s shortest man by the Guinness Book of World Records.  Balawing stands 59.93 centimeters or 23.5 inches high, about 2.5 inches shorter than the previous record holder,  … Continue reading

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Rich Cho Becomes General Manager of Charlotte Bobcats

From the Charlotte Observer: “The NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats will bring an entirely different perspective to their front office today when Rich Cho is named the team’s general manager. In an exclusive interview Monday with the Observer, Cho and current general manager … Continue reading

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Kung Fu Panda 2 Review

When I watched the first Kung Fu Panda, it was in a home theater on bluray and HDTV goodness, and my friends had to pause the movie in the first five minutes because I was laughing so hard I was … Continue reading

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Popular Posts on 8Asians in the Past Month

Here are some of the most popular posts on 8Asians this past month that you may have missed out on: Interracial Marriage Data Can Be Deceptive For Asian Americans Why Do Asians Suck at Offering Pregnant Women a Subway Seat? … Continue reading

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Does Race Exist?

I’ve spent the last year writing about Asian stereotypes on the Internet. In one of my recent articles, I asked the question: “Are Asians the Smartest Race?” As I was researching this question, I kept reading that race doesn’t really … Continue reading

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Diwali Pushed as a School Holiday in Silicon Valley

While I was driving home with The Daughter and one of her friends on an early November evening, the friend pointed to a house lit with Christmas lights.  “Isn’t it early for Christmas lights?” she asked.  “Not for Christmas,”  I … Continue reading

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U-Pick Orchards a Hit Among Asian-American Families

From the Contra Costa Times: “About 150,000 people come to Brentwood for the U-pick farms each season. The popularity of U-pick farms among the Asian community is evident in the different languages spoken among the crowds of cherry pickers at … Continue reading

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