Mayoral Race Between Ed Lee and Leland Yee May Be First Televised Asian-on-Asian Smear Campaign

You know it’s 2011 in San Francisco when there’s anywhere from nine to 37 mayoral candidates running for office, at least five major candidates are Asian and pretty much all of them lean Democrat, or at least, left of political center. You also know it’s 2011 in San Francisco when all the Asian mayoral candidates are fighting with each other to become the official mayoral candidates all the Asians in San Francisco will vote for. And hence, the first official televised attack campaign I’ve seen for this year’s mayoral race on current appointed San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee from California State Senator and former State Assemblyman Leland Yee.

Not to be outdone, Ed Lee’s retort commercial specifically address Yee’s attacks to Chinese speaking television stations telling him to not use public funds. Oh, snap!

As for me? While I have no loyalties to either mayoral candidates – hey, I’m just a guy who builds web pages for a living, I know shady behavior when I see it. His opposal of both shark finning and a bill to ban shark finning? Shady behavior. Mexican-American judge with a graceful Chinese name with Leland Yee’s headshot in a corner? Shady behavior.

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