Craigslist Ad For Fragile Girls in Koreatown

After swimming a mile and purchasing the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Personal Trainer Kinect game, I see the above ad on Craig’s List:

EXTRA THIN FEMALES $3000-$5000 (incl tips) (LOS ANGELES)

Karaoke Club companies in Koreatown continue recruitment of friendly Hostesses with extra thin, fragile, fashion model appearance (long skinny arms and legs, NOT an athletic look) to socialize with and entertain professional / business clientele in a private club environment (this is NOT an escort service, not a massage parlor, not a strip club)

Monthly earnings $3000 – $5000 including tips ; some knowledge of Korean and some experience as an entertainer is a big plus, but not required. No sex, no dating with customers, no nudity, some alcohol. Regular Hours: 9pm – 2am

AGE: 21-28 and FRAGILE (NOT ATHLETIC) appearance – APPROXIMATE height/weight ratio requirements (what extra thin means): for a height of 5’7″ – 90-100lb, 5’8″- 110lb, 5’9″ – 115lb and 5’10” – 120lb . If you dont exercise, don’t have muscles and look naturally SKINNY (not intentionally anorexic) – this is the right look

Please email your resume (if any) and Full Length pictures
Successful candidates will be contacted over the phone for

If you’re not thoroughly shackled by outdated conceptions of what a woman’s body should look like, you will find that job posting inherently odious and destructive. But let me entertain the idea of applying to the job for a moment.

I would definitely not get hired for this job. I’m 5’ 2” and my weight currently fluctuates around 150 lbs. At my prime as swim team captain in high school and martial arts fanatic in college, I was the same height but 140 lbs, and when I tell people my weight then and even now, the response is often “You can’t possibly weigh that much!” I guess people forget that muscle weighs more than fat, right?

I’ve also got a very good friend who could actually fit the description in the posting. She’s taller than me by a couple inches and much thinner, and even though I don’t know her weight, I’m pretty sure she’s been lighter than me for the past 20 years we’ve known each other, even when we were both swimming and weightlifting four hours a day, six days a week. The funny thing is she may look thin and “fragile” to the undiscerning eye, but ask her to flex her biceps and she’ll show you some seriously cut musculature. I would say she’s overall MORE athletic than I am.

So this makes me wonder, are they looking for girls that only LOOK like they can’t bash your face in or actually CAN’T do so? Clarity is pretty important after all.

[H/T to June S.]

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