Join Team Janet & Help Find A Bone Marrow Match For Janet Liang

Janet Liang is a recent UCLA graduate of Chinese descent. On August 24, 2009, she was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia. In order to survive, she needs to find a bone marrow donor by April. The most likely match for a donor will be a Chinese American. The process of registering as a donor is easy, and testing if you are a match is a simple, painless cheek swab.

There are several big names in the APA community asking anyone out there to register as a donor and get tested in search of a match. Check them out after the jump.

Victor Kim from Quest Crew is hosting a jam at UC Irvine for those in the Southern California Area. He is also giving 100% of the revenue from iTunes sales of his song featuring rapper Dumbfoundead to help Janet search for a donor.

ISA, including KevJumba, Ryan Higa, Wong Fu Productions, and Far East Movement, are also shedding light on this cause, with this informative video about how much more as a community we could be involved to help find donors.

If you are interested in registering as a donor and getting tested to see if you are a match, please follow these links:

Thank you. Together, we can save a life.

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