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Maneki Neko Tee

Ever feel like your day could use a little extra luck? Maybe you spilled your coffee, broke the heel off of your shoe, or just feel like something isn’t right. Now you can brighten up your day with this Maneki … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Target’s “Green Drink” I caught this Target commercial a few minutes after the most recent Target mom & daughter commercial. Like I blogged before, I’m not a big fan of the 18-second format commercial. Target has done a GREAT job of highlighting … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Targeted by Advertisers

With a half a trillion in income and high median household income, Asian Americans are now being targeted by advertisers. This made me wonder. Is this a good thing for Asian Americans? Can it be bad? How can you target … Continue reading

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Kawaii Green Tea Ring

Spring is here, but that doesn’t stop the weather from throwing in a few cold days here and there. A cold day calls for tea, so warm yourself up with this Green Tea Ring ($12.50). This bling is both cute … Continue reading

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The Chinese Bootlegged “The People I’ve Slept With,” The Movie I Wrote

It started when a friend who was visiting China emailed me and told me that he saw an illegal bootlegged copy of my last film, The People I’ve Slept With.  I told him to take a picture of it but … Continue reading

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Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival Kicks Off April 26 To May 6

Hot Docs, The Canadian International Documentary Festival held annually in Toronto kicks off April 26-May 6. Opening the festival is Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry (USA/China) following China’s most renowned artist and activist. Special this year is the addition of the … Continue reading

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Will Sylianteng Candidate For Pennsylvania State House

I recently came across this candidate for public office, Will Sylianteng, running for a seat as a Pennsylvania State Representative (he reminded me a little bit about Connecticut State Representative William Tong, who is currently running for U.S. Senate): He … Continue reading

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Eddie “The Filipino Phenom” Yagin Wins Fight Of The Night At UFC 145

Adding to the increasing visibility of Asian American Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters, Eddie “The Filipino Phenom” Yagin defeated Mark Hominick and won Fight of the Night Honors at UFC 145.  Hominick, the former #1 contender in the featherweight division … Continue reading

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Limette Gold Dagger Ear Cuff

It’s always amazing to know that our present day world gives us all the opportunity for self-expression, either through how we act or through our fashion. Kirsten Nunez, the creator of Limette, a small jewelry line, produces amazing earrings, necklaces, … Continue reading

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The Accountant Who Become a Miami Dolphins Tight End (And His Asian Trainer)

If you read Yahoo! regularly – which you probably do, if you’re over 35 or previously worked at Yahoo! – you’ve probably seen the article of the mild mannered accountant whose grueling 13 week workout was so intense he became … Continue reading

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“Cards of Legend” Legend of Zelda Playing Cards

There are few universes which could justify to be labeled “epic”, but the lands of Miyamoto’s Legend of Zelda series is definitely one of those few deserving. The lore and characters extend to more than Link, Zelda and Ganondorf. From … Continue reading

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LA Area Giveaway: Tickets to “Mare Nubium” at LA Bloom

UPDATE 4/25/2012: Congrats to our winner: FL! In Los Angeles, hidden behind a blank wall, one can find the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC), a top purveyor of Japanese arts and culture. From this hidden gem comes a … Continue reading

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