Mom + MMA World Champion = What’s YOUR Excuse?

Michelle Waterson
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Credit: Dave Mandel

Any moms out there looking for some serious fitness inspiration? In spring 2011, Michelle “Karate Hottie” Waterson became a mom, giving birth to her adorable baby girl Araya. This past spring on April 5th, 2013, she won the Invicta FC Atomweight Championship Belt despite being the underdog against defending champ Jessica Penne. Anyone can be a “hottie”, but there can only be one world champion. Waterson is so awesome, it’s beyond words.

Here is an interview with Waterson where she discusses the challenges of getting back in the octagon after childbirth:

Her road to the fight was not an easy one.

In this pre-fight promo, you not only get a chance to see her skill and hard work but sense her warrior spirit and tenacity in both her actions and her words.

Finally, she fights a grueling match against Penne, and the result literally brought tears to my eyes.

In my high school yearbook superlatives, I was voted most likely to become a body builder, but I never really took that title seriously. After being super inspired by Waterson and the other Invicta fighters, I might just finally be on my way to fulfilling that prophecy. Just look at those guns!
Jessica Penne and Michelle Waterson
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Credit: Dave Mandel

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