Tea Lover’s Guide to Los Angeles: Tea Station (Part 2 of 6)


One of my favorite Starbucks convenience alternative stops is Tea Station. It’s a grab-and-go or sit-down place with a decent variety of tea pot loose leaf traditional hot teas, herbal teas, or sweet milk teas along with snacks or full meals. Although I’ve found their tea to be pretty good, my dad, the tea connoisseur, tried a box of their Monkey Pick tea bags and declared, “Tina sucks at buying tea.” I generally do like the teas I buy at Wing Hop Fung better, so he’s probably right in saying that the Tea Station tea isn’t as good. Nevertheless, what’s nice about this location is the functional variety of the place. It’s perfect for a quick hang out, a meeting, or a full on meal, and there’s something for everyone. Often I stop by solo to work for an hour or two while grabbing a bite to eat. Some of my favorite items are a hot pot of almond milk tea with Taiwanese sausage or a traditional tea with a bowl of red bean soup with rice balls. You can check out their entire menu online.

Next up, Part 3: Boba Shops.

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