California Shark Fin Ban Upheld by Federal Judge

I’ve blogged about the initial efforts to ban shark fin soup in California. Last July, the ban went into effect. I was aware of, but didn’t know exactly all the details of a law suit trying to overturn the law, but apparently that failed:

Shark-Fin-Soup“A federal judge on Tuesday [3/25/14] upheld California’s ban on possession or sale of shark fins, rejecting claims that the law discriminates against the Chinese community – where shark fin soup is a traditional delicacy – or interferes with federal management of ocean fishing. The law, passed in 2011, took full effect in July, when selling and serving shark fin soup became illegal. It was challenged by Bay Area organizations of Chinese American businesses and by shark fin suppliers, who argued that the legislation targeted the Chinese community and exceeded the state’s authority to regulate fishing.”

I’m glad that the law was upheld. Of course, the law’s opponents could appeal the ruling. As I’ve noted before, I think shark fin soup is overrated taste wise, generally ordered because it is expensive and often at wedding banquets to demonstrate to the guests that the host is not cheap, and the shark finning does great damage to the ocean’s ecosystem and is close to endangering the very existence of sharks.

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