Asian American Commercial Watch: Samsung Experience Shop — Countdown to Upgrade

If you haven’t been to a Best Buy recently, it’s hard not to notice the Samsung store-within-a-store set-ups that Samsung has. As you may know, the Samsung Galaxy S5 launched a few months ago, and now Samsung is promoting their trade in program available at Best Buy. The “upgrader” in this case happens to be a familiar actor I’ve blogged about in other commercials before, notably Vince Foster.

Vince_Foster_Samsung_adI think I first noticed Foster in a McDonald’s commercial where he was described as the “Egg McMuffin of Boyfriends,” which I thought was the first time I had seen an Asian American Male (AM) with a White Female (WF)as a romantic couple in a television commercial (I’ve blogged about how White Male / Asian Female is the most common interracial couple represented on TV.) The most interesting and recent AM/WF commercial that I recall has been the Old Spice one.

Anyways, back to Samsung. In retrospect, I had actually first noticed Foster in a series of Samsung Galaxy “Next Big Thing” ads when Samsung started to directly mock die hard Apple iPhone fan boys (& girls). I was reminded of those ads recently because in the latest Apple vs. Samsung patent lawsuit, an email was disclosed at how those ads drove Phil Schiller, SVP of Worldwide Marketing at Apple, crazy – as described in the Wall Street Journal in a headline titled, Has Apple Lost Its Cool to Samsung?

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