San Francisco’s Tech Boom Squeezing Out Chinese American Small Businesses

InnerRichmondClementWhile we’ve written about how Filipinos have been affected by the San Francisco Tech boom, this story from Boom (summarized here by New America Media), talks about the effects of the boom on small Chinese American businesses like these on Clement street.  I liked how in addition to talking about broad trends, it talks about individuals like Big Sister, who despite crowds eating at her restaurant, is closing her Geary Street restaurant and moving to Daly City.  “Too expensive, losing too much money,” she says.

The Boom story also talks about how years ago, some San Franciscans worry about their city being transformed into a Chinese city as large ethnic Chinese areas emerged in areas like the Richmond and the Sunset.  Ironically, as buyers from China purchase real estate, Chinese Americans are being squeezed out.  For more stories like Big Sister’s, look at the Boom Article (it’s more detailed than the New America Media summary).

(Photo Credit unclelam, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)

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