Jose Antonio Vargas Documentary “White People” to appear on MTV

When MTV put out a casting call looking for white people to talk about things like “do you think some people treat you unfairly because you’re white,” initial scorn was replaced by interest when the maker of the documentary was revealed to be Jose Antonio VargasMTV has recently announced the premiere of  Vargas’s documentary called White People.

I have included a few other clips available before the documentary airs.  One shows the viewpoints about white people from Native American students.  I didn’t know what “wasi’chu” meant before that video.  Another is discussion on the confederate flag.

Reactions to the trailers have been mixed, some people applauding, some saying “no news here” to some calling it “white shaming.”  The trailers have reportedly generated a lot of anger, controversy, and debate which some suggest was the intent.

White people debuts at 8 PM Eastern/7 Central on July 22, both on MTV and online.  After that, it should be available on iTunes and Amazon.  Vargas’s Define American organization will continue to explore racial issues and identify.

(h/t Dino-Ray)

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