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Jose Antonio Vargas Documentary “White People” to appear on MTV

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRJnkBqwzOQ When MTV put out a casting call looking for white people to talk about things like “do you think some people treat you unfairly because you’re white,” initial scorn was replaced by interest when the maker of the documentary … Continue reading

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Julie Chen Says Having Surgery to Look “Less Asian” Helped Her Career

http://youtu.be/wrf7xXHdjLk I personally applaud Julie Chen for her courage to speak out about her eye plastic surgery. The co-host of The Talk revealed her secret about her difficult decision of getting a plastic surgery on her eyes just to pursue … Continue reading

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Michelle Malkin and Jose Antonio Vargas Discuss Adobo and Immigration

Univision News captured this discussion on twitter between Michelle Malkin and Jose Antonio Vargas on immigration.   Their exchange, also featured on Buzzfeed, is notable for its relative civility and its occasional drift into discussions about adobo.  One thing that I … Continue reading

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Jose Antonio Vargas: Coaxed Into College and Eventually a Pulitzer Prize

The stereotypical Asian-American youth is studious and dedicated toward getting into college. This article from the Mercury News describes an Asian-American who had to be coaxed to go to college and later went on to win the Pulitzer prize. Jose … Continue reading

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