The Darkness Has Not Overcome It: Jeremy Lin on the Coronavirus, Hate, and What he is Doing about It

When I saw an e-mail called titled “The Darkness Has Not Overcome It” this morning, I thought to myself, “some Players Tribune article, maybe I’ll read it later.”  I was surprised when I did read it later after seeing some news about Jeremy Lin and the coronavirus and wanting to confirm where that news came from. I found The Darkness Has Not Overcome It to be a fascinating and even moving essay from someone who has seen the coronavirus story from both sides of the Pacific.

“Every Asian American I know knows someone who has been targeted during this time.”

Lin has spoken out about the hatred that Asian-Americans are experiencing and talks about it in his essay.  He also mentions, somewhat embarrassingly, about how at first he didn’t take the crisis that seriously, even although he was close to the epicenter of the coronavirus shock.  Most importantly, he says that we can be lights in this time of darkness.  And to show that he isn’t just mouthing those words, he is donating $500,000 to two charities, Feeding America, and Direct Relief, and matching up $500,000 in other people’s donations for a month.   You can use the two previous links to donate to either charity and qualify for the match.

Be the light.

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