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Sulwhasoo Niemen Marcus West Coast Launch At the San Francisco Asian Art Museum

Sulwhasoo invited 8Asians to partake in the Niemen Marcus Launch Party to celebrate the long-anticipated arrival of this amazing Korean cosmetics line here on the west coast. Fashion journalists and bloggers were invited to the Asian Art Museum to meet … Continue reading

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Do I Look Cooler When I Post Photos Of Me With White People?

There’s this gal from mainland China (hereinafter “Asian Girl”) who speaks English about as fluently as I speak Tillamook. She’s always been uber chinky, and don’t even open that mouth of yours into a big O like you have no idea what … Continue reading

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To The White Guy Who Tried To Give Me Pointers On How To Snag A White Guy

To the white guy who tried to give me pointers on how to snag a white guy: My professional obligation in the context at hand was to convince you to sign a contract that would fork over half a million … Continue reading

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A Response Piece to This American Life’s Monologue on Chinese Factory Life

Listening to “Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory” on NPR’s This American Life left my thoughts in a maelstrom. I was excited because I knew what he was talking about and I agreed. I was flustered because I wanted to … Continue reading

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Chinese-Taiwanese Familial Relations

It has not been easy for my Taiwanese family and my Chinese in-laws to understand each other. That is a gross understatement and for now we’ll leave it at that and table the wildly contentious, high-tension stories for another time. … Continue reading

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China Will Never Become a World Power Until It Learns to Respect Intellectual Property

A Chinese businessman tells me offhandedly that he’s under federal investigation. He doesn’t know enough to explain that he’s being investigated for massive amounts of trademark infringement. Those words aren’t in his vocabulary. IP isn’t part of his knowledge set. Instead … Continue reading

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The Perfect Villain: Straight Asian Men

Women get together and complain about men. It happens. Yet no other group of women display such visceral antagonism toward men of their own race as Asian women do. We Asian women never say generally “men are horrible.” We say … Continue reading

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My Chinese Monster-in-Law

Screw that Confucian nonsense. Let’s not even get into the quagmire of East and West cliches; that exercise has never proven productive. Let’s just state this for what it is: my Chinese mother-in-law is a monster. She objectifies me. I am the … Continue reading

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8Questions with Eugene Liu: Where Are The Asian Conservatives?

Lately I’ve been surrounded by liberals. My friends, most family members, co-workers, and colleagues at the non-profits and institutions I serve lean decidedly left. So imagine my elation when I stumbled across Eugene Liu, founder of Liu is a … Continue reading

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SUNY Binghamton Campus Newspaper Pipe Dream Publishes Racist Cartoon

I received word that late last week Pipe Dream, the campus newspaper at my alma mater published the above cartoon. My response can be summarized in two words: Not funny. I don’t mean “Asians-are-the-butt-of-this-joke-(again)-and-therefore-this-is-not-funny-to-me” not funny. No, I mean it’s not funny. … Continue reading

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A Nativist View on Immigration Reform

I’ve always been anti-immigration. When my car glides past the borders of Chinatown and I see the throngs of people, signs completely in a foreign language, people shouting with abandon, pushing and shoving, litter on the streets, flies swarming above … Continue reading

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Who’s Afraid Of Being “So Asian”?

As it turns out, one’s intensity of Asianness is measurable. You can be “not Asian enough” or “so Asian” and such quantifications will have nothing to do with the ethnic identification of your parents. What’s more, there are even assigned values … Continue reading

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