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A Look at Asian American Income Disparities and Variation: “Reading Between the Data”

When this report from Nielsen came out a few months ago about how Asian Americans are a wealthy sophisticated group with above average household income that marketers should target, it seemed to me that the people who compiled that report … Continue reading

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Childhood Obesity Among Asian American Subgroups

Asian American children are commonly thought to have a lower risk of childhood obesity, but a study published in the journal Childhood Obesity reveals that once data is disaggregated, there are wide variations between Asian subgroups.  Using data from the … Continue reading

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Documenting The Rise Of Asian Majority Suburbs: Numbers And Implications

While the rise of Asian Ethnoburbs had been highlighted last year, the much debated (and maligned) Pew Report on Asian Americans says that only around 11% of Asian Americans live in such neighborhoods.  The report implies that Asian Americans are … Continue reading

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