Asian American Commercial Watch: This is the Avery’s

Asian Americans are in more and more TV commercials these days, but when I saw this Wells Fargo ad, it immediately caught my attention.  Rather than the familiar white man Asian woman couple commonly portrayed in commercials, it has an Asian guy married to a non-Asian woman of color (either African American or Latina or both – hard to really tell here).  There have been a few commercials with an Asian male in an interracial relationship like this one of Asian male and white female, but I personally don’t recall any commercials with this particular pairing.  I also like the fact that the Asian American guy isn’t a nerd or martial artist and seems pretty outgoing and worldly.

While Wells Fargo has been in the news lately for a variety of problems and lapses in  judgment, I would have to agree with the commercial that eating out a lot can really strain a budget.  This ad was part of Wells Fargo’s rebranding efforts called This is Wells Fargo.

The Top 10 Marketers to Asian Americans

One of the few things that I look forward to when I have to go to my Wells Fargo bank branch is looking at the photo murals there.  On one wall are long ago scenes of Chinatowns and also pictures of the Filipino farm workers from the 1920s and 1930s.  Wells Fargo also has a history blog from their archivists, which occasionally covers Asian American history.  As it sponsors  a blog featuring Asian American history and with an ad that shows Asian American couples as regular folks, Wells Fargo is not surprisingly on an Ad Age list of the top 10 marketers to Asian Americans.

(Flickr photo credit: webchicken)

Other top marketers on the list are ToyotaJC Penney and McDonalds. Toyota has been a sponsor of the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival.  JC Penney had a marketing effort targeting Asian Americans, where they commissioned a wonderful little song by David Choi and Kina Grannis.   The McDonalds ad on the left is on a bus in San Francisco, and McDonald’s also has a web site targeted at Asian Americans –

I wouldn’t necessarily buy a product just because they show Asian Americans or use a language that’s familiar to me (my Asian BMI doesn’t need any Big Macs), but doing so does get me to notice, which is half the battle in advertising.  Finally, it’s good to see a top 10 list, especially compared to  advertisers on the bottom end such as KFC or