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Mister Wong, the Offensive Social Bookmarking Portal

Alex, I’ll take “European Web 2.0 companies that make you say WTF” for $200: In Germany, a country where there is the most broadband users in Europe, the biggest social bookmarking website isn’t Yahoo! owned, but a site called… … Continue reading

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POP 88 – May 12/07 – Vol.1 Eps.7

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone! Apologizes for the delay between shows but I have a really really good excuse! – Listen to see why! Hot Docs Q and A session with Academy Award winning documentary director Jessica Yu with her new … Continue reading

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N.Y. shock jocks dropped over Asian slurs

Call it the Don Imus Effect. “Shock Jocks” Jeff “JV” Vandergrift and Dan “Elvis” Lay did a bit on their New York radio show a day after Imus’s “nappy-headed hos” comment (unlucky timing on their part): “The pair broadcast a … Continue reading

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The Asian/Asian-American Hollywood (AAAH) Report: Variety “Players” this week

Welcome to the first The Asian/Asian-American Hollywood (AAAH) Report! I’m not sure if this will be a recurring report, but I think I’ll try it out. I’m always reading the trades and taking note of the up & coming Asian/Asian … Continue reading

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CNN: American Morning: Asian in America (Week of May 14th)

This whole week, CNN’s 6:00 AM EST morning show “American Morning“, “Survivor” Winner Yul Kwon takes the viewer beyond the stereotypes to expose the real issues facing Asian-Americans today. In today’s segment, Kwon interviews Lost star Daniel Dae Kim about … Continue reading

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Why is May Asian Pacific Heritage Month?

I forgot to mention at the beginning of May that May is officially, “Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month,” as officially proclaimed by our president. The history behind Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month is that in 1978, a joint congressional resolution established Asian/Pacific … Continue reading

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Stephen Colbert can’t stand being 2nd!

In a recent Time magazine readers poll of the World’s Most Influential People, political satirist Stephen Colbert came in 2nd to … Korean R&B pop singer/ dancer/ actor Rain (Bi 비). Now, personally, I don’t care too much for either … Continue reading

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Pat Buchanan: Why does anyone listen to this crackpot?

I hesitate to even quote this Pat Buchanan idiot, but it’s relevant to the previous discussions we’ve been having here about the aftermath of the Virginia Tech masscre. Buchanan is blaming Seung Cho’s psychotic and deranged actions on IMMIGRATION. He … Continue reading

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NPR: Chinese Restaurant Workers in U.S. Face Hurdles

This morning on NPR, Morning Edition, I heard the segment on “Chinese Restaurant Workers in U.S. Face Hurdles.” I didn’t realize that there were sooooo many Chinese restaurants in America: “There are about 40,000 Chinese restaurants in the United States … Continue reading

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Peeling Good, Getting Paid: YouTube Elevates Happy Slip to Partner

Mike first wrote about the utterly hilarious Christine Gambito of and her growing YouTube following back in February. Many of the Happy Slip videos highlight Gambito’s Filipino family members (all played by her, in sidesplitting hysterical perfection) and the … Continue reading

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Releasing Their Stories: API Prisoners’ Narratives

On Saturday, May 5th, 2007, the co-editors of Other: Asian Pacific Islander Prisoners’ Anthology (2007), Eddy Zheng and Ben Wang, held a book reading at Eastwind Books of Berkeley that brought in a packed house. Audience members included such prominent … Continue reading

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Use this form to drop a note to Ernie at 8Asians, or to suggest a story for us to blog about. (Note: If you do suggest a link or a webpage for a story, be sure to let us know … Continue reading

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