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This is BREAKING NEWS, people. We’ve heard all about how hard Asians work–sometimes to the death–but no one has bothered to figure out how we do it! Wait, how do we do it? Easy. TWINS. See, it works like this: … Continue reading

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But the Panda was my Favorite

While walking through Chinatown last weekend, my friend stopped at a poster and said, “Look, the Beijing Olympic mascots.” She pointed at each one and said its name– “Bei, Jing, Huan, Ying, Ni–” and explained that when you read their … Continue reading

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LA Times: Why do Asian students generally get higher marks than Latinos?

Carlos Garcia, second from right, is president of the Asia Club at Lincoln High School. He is with his Cabinet members during a lunch-hour meeting. Source: LA Times. “Why do Asian students generally get higher marks than Latinos?” – this … Continue reading

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Kung Fu Panda a hit in China

I had read about potential controversy that the animated film (which I have yet to see), Kung Fu Panda, might have in China, taking a Chinese cultural icon and commercializing it into an American film. Well, Kung Fu Panda was … Continue reading

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I’m not that Good at Math, are You?

About the author: KG Lew is a half Chinese, half French entrepreneur from Montreal, Canada. If you would like to learn more about him and how he makes a living online, feel free to check out his Internet Marketing blog … Continue reading

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Study: Americans Expect Business Leaders to Be White

Do you Asian Americans suffer from stereotypes in the business world? Of course we do. I think so, even if it is subtle. After attending business school, I joined a Silicon Valley software company as a product manager and attended … Continue reading

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Avatar – I mean, Cyber War – Whets my B-rated Sci-Fi Appetite

I have to say that outside of most Asian American films, this is one of the few movies I’ve actually seen that was filmed with more Asians than White people but the entire film was done in English. On top … Continue reading

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Ping Pong Playa!

You know a good comedy when you laugh right through it —and afterwards when someone asks, “What it was about?” you say, “Oh I don’t know. It was just about this guy. He was trying to play ping pong.” Just … Continue reading

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An Asian Parents’ Worst Nightmare: Son Gives Up Medicine to Blog

Source: New York Times. Arnold Kim, founder and senior editor of When I first began to read this New York Times article, “My Son, the Blogger: An M.D. Trades Medicine for Apple Rumors” about Arnold Kim’s site,, I … Continue reading

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Ichiro Suzuki’s Favorite American Expression

For those who need the subtitles, he says it’s, “August in Kansas City, is hotter than two rats in a fu&$*ng wool sock.” I thought Ichiro was cute before I saw this video, but now I think I’m smitten.

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How the Chinese Insist I Am Chinese

It’s a classic part of the Asian American experience — a cliché, really — to be considered un-American while in America. Since we’re not white, we must not be American, and therefore the color of our skin invites the question: … Continue reading

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Fan Death: South Korean Urban Legend or Scary, Scary Way You Could Possibly Die in Your Sleep?

Maybe it’s because neither Yoshi nor I are of Korean descent and therefore immune to this awful, awful way of suffocating, being poisoned, or dying of hypothermia during our sleep, but right now I am counting my blessings. I confess… … Continue reading

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