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Former Asian Gang Members Erase Tattoos and Their Past

I remember from my youth an Asian gang member who killed a kid from another gang.   He was a year younger than me and grew up close to where I did.  Like me, he also had a Filipino dad who had … Continue reading

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Is Kai-Lan the Next Illegal Immigrant?

We’ve blogged about the Arizona immigration law and how it affects Asians and Asian Americans. Well, the other day, I came across Is Dora the Explorer an illegal immigrant? It’s a disturbing article and I immediately thought, if Kai-Lan was … Continue reading

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Ming-Na Discovers That The Prince of Persia Is Apparently British

So, Actress Ming-Na pretty much says out loud what everyone is silently thinking in the theaters when watching the previews for Iron Man 2: so, uhm, why is a white guy playing the Prince of Persia, and why does he … Continue reading

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Why Should APAs Go Green?

A crazy-funny friend of mine blogs about the ways that Korean moms are environmentally conscientious and — to use the word creatively — “green.” Hilarious, but there’s much that is frighteningly true to life here in terms of saving the environment being … Continue reading

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Happy Harvey Milk Day: What Milk Meant to the API Community

Today on May 22nd, California will honor Harvey Milk with the First Annual Harvey Milk Day for his courageous leadership and conviction. Some of my friends will be celebrating his legacy in San Francisco at the Castro District where he … Continue reading

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Professional Wrestler Kinji Shibuya Passes Away

Some of the earliest portrayals of Asians on TV that I remember were done by  professional wrestlers.  These Asians were heels, as bad guys in professional wrestling are called, and played the role of evil scheming Japanese.   I loved to … Continue reading

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Nikita Star Maggie Q a Crowd-Pleaser at CW Upfront

Yesterday, I attended the CW network upfront, which is a major annual event where the TV networks reveal their fall schedules. The CW was the last of the Big 5 networks to present and as you have probably heard by now, … Continue reading

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Links: Binge Drinking, Hello Kity, HIV Care, Swingers

Korean Americans are 3x more likely to binge drink than their Chinese American counterparts. In Search of Adorable, as Hello Kitty Gets Closer to Goodbye. (NYT) Gay men in the Asia-Pacific region are being denied HIV care. (BBC) An Outspoken … Continue reading

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Culture: Beyond Food and Language

By Amanda As my first year of college has just ended, I’m taking some time to reflect on how much I’ve changed over the course of just one year. I’ve learned how to manage my own spending. I’ve learned how … Continue reading

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[May 23] HOUSTON: Slant 10: Working Niche Markets with PJ Raval

Slant Film Festival is proud to present a free salon with award-winning filmmaker PJ Raval.

Known for his success in both the Asian American and GLBT film community, filmmaker and cinematographer PJ Raval will host a discussion on his experiences with niche markets of the indie filmmaking world. PJ’s films have screened at Slant over the years, most recently Lead Role: Father in 2007. Named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s ‘25 new faces of independent film 2006′, PJ just completed Trinidad, a featur… Continue reading

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CBS Releases Hawaii Five-O Preview with Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim

As previously blogged about by Linda this past February, everyone previously bummed out about Jin [POSSIBLE SPOILERS DELETED FOR THOSE WHO WATCH LOST ON TIVO, BUT SERIOUSLY DIDN’T THAT SUCK FOR THE BOTH OF THEM WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE] on … Continue reading

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