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[NEW: View my profile on My 8Asians!] Jee has been a happy resident of the often too sunny So Cal since her family emigrated here from S. Korea in 1986. She enjoys all things food related, especially the eating part. She is a borderline introvert who loves adventures and spontaneity.

Jon Gosselin is a Disgrace

I was really going to refrain from saying anything out loud about Jon Gosselin, the half Korean father from TLC’s reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8. From the start of the whole drama surrounding him and his family, I … Continue reading

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Korean High Schooler Tae-hyok Nam is Dodger Blue

I like to think that I bleed Dodger Blue. I love baseball and I LOVE the Los Angeles Dodgers. While I may not be an expert, I know my around a game enough to surprise the boys who think girls … Continue reading

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When Your Success Is Your Parent’s Success

Growing up in Korea, I’ve heard from different adults in my life that a child’s success is their parent’s success: if a child misbehaved, they would blame the parents rather than the misbehaving child; if a child did well in … Continue reading

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Immigrants with Accents Still Being Treated with Disrespect

Last month, I went by my local cable office to drop off my cable box after canceling my cable service. I was almost at the window when an elderly Asian man asked me in English, “Do you speak Korean?” I … Continue reading

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Roh Moo-Hyun, and Suicide in Korea

I was deeply shocked and saddened to read of late South Korean President, Roh Moo-Hyun’s suicide, but my shock and sadness wasn’t due to my respect or affections for the former president. I like to keep up with my news … Continue reading

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Disney/Pixar’s Up and the Voice of Russell, Jordan Nagai

[smartads] Did you guys know that the actor who voices Russell, the chubby kid in the highly anticipated Disney/Pixar movie Up is an adorable Asian boy named Jordan Nagai? This is Nagai’s first role; he was discovered in a casting … Continue reading

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Selca: Taking Photos of Yourself, So You Don’t Look Like A Fool Taking Someone Elses

It is no secret, Asians like their photos — they like being in them and taking them. Koreans even have a term that identifies a whole different genre of photo-taking: selca, made by marrying two English words together, self and … Continue reading

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Watching Sulu (and other Asian Roles) at the Movies

I went to watch Star Trek last week and I LOVED it. I’m not a Trekkie, but I’ve watched my share of Star Trek episodes and movies. But to be perfectly honest, one of the main reasons I wanted to … Continue reading

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Tea and Other Ayama Na Tales

I would have never expected that an imaginary country could be so real. In Eleanor Bluestein’s Tea and Other Ayama Na Tales, readers are given a chance to peek very intimately at the lives of Ayama Na’s residents. These fictitious … Continue reading

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Se7en, BoA and Wondergirls to Appear in People Magazine

It seems to be a dream of Korean entertainers to “make it” in the USA. Even after finding success in Korea, it seems that every Korean pop star who has “made it” wants to conquer the entertainment world in the … Continue reading

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Rejecting Demeaning ESL Tests

When I began reading this article on a student who is getting suspended for refusing to take a “racist” test, I could feel my blood boil — I’m mad for this young woman who was treated in such a severe … Continue reading

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Is a Tall Geeky White Man My Ideal Mate?

Like most of the girls around me, I spent a good number of my youthful years daydreaming about my wedding day. It was filled with beautiful things and loved ones. It involved a wonderful dress and yummy food. And of … Continue reading

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