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Body Found on Mt. Tam

Ernie first posted this article as a comment last night, but since I’ve been getting pinged about it all day, I decided to bring further attention to it. According to A Marin County Sheriff’s Department search and rescue team … Continue reading

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Chinese Blogger Beaten to Death by Government Officials

Holy crap! According to TechCrunch: A Chinese blogger has been beaten to death by Government authorities for the crime of attempting to record a protest on his mobile phone. Here’s how it went down. Just this past Monday, Wei Wenhua, … Continue reading

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Veronica “Nikki” Ruiz Still Missing

Quick update: Veronica “Nikki” Ruiz. who disappeared over a month ago, is still missing. Her family, friends, and other officials aren’t giving up on her either. From This weekend an estimated two to four hundred law enforcement and federal … Continue reading

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Public School Reformer Michelle Rhee

Say you have a classroom of rambunctious second-graders and a bumblebee buzzes in, causing even more of a ruckus. Kids are screaming and jumping on desks and everything. What do you do? Eat the bee. Um, whut? One day a … Continue reading

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The Strong, Bold Women of Shanghai

Subtitle: And the Weak, Timid Men of Shanghai? It’s one of those anecdotes you hear. “If you’re a guy in Shanghai, you’ll get hit on by scores of Shanghainese girls.” Take this particular anecdote from a friend: So I think … Continue reading

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Veronica “Nikki” Ruiz Missing Since Dec. 3rd

(Update from the Editor, 1/15/08: Body found on Mount Tamalpais is that of missing IRS agent) I just received a chilling email from a friend. His friend’s sister, 25yo Veronica “Nikki” Ruiz, has been missing since this past Monday. Though … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Bruce Lee!

Happy Birthday Bruce Lee! I remember running home from grade school to watch Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, and Game of Death as a kid. Then I’d daydream about being a kung fu master and practice my moves … Continue reading

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Asian American Mental Health Services

The winter holidays are coming. This means lots of holiday jingles, gift shopping, and family reunions (like this past Thursday). For many, it also means stress, loneliness, anxiety, depression, and even suicide. There’s already been a fair amount written on … Continue reading

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American Schoolchildren are Such Chickens

Oh yea, you American schoolchildren are such chickens. Bok bok bok bok chickens! Not like us Chinese schoolchildren in Beijing. Nope. We’re so brave. We climb out our three-story classrooms and stand on four-inch ledges to clean our windows without … Continue reading

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What Do You Know About Interracial Dating & Marriage?

Let’s play a game! I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions. They’re all about interracial dating & marriage. After you’re done, I’ll show you the answers, according to a Nov. 2004 article from Asian-Nation. (I haven’t been able … Continue reading

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Secret Asian Man

If you haven’t picked up a print newspaper in the last few months, or read Asian American Village, then, like me, you probably haven’t heard of Secret Asian Man either. But soon, newspaper-reading people across the US will know of … Continue reading

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John Cho Talks About Asian-American Actors in US

John Cho just did an interview with AsianPopcorn about what it’s like being an Asian American actor in the US. It’s a great interview; go check it out. But if you want just the highlights: “I didn’t think it was … Continue reading

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