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I'm an idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student. And what, you want to Internet-stalk me too? Why, sure.

Barack Obama’s Page

All political inclinations aside, I thought this was interesting: Barack Obama has a page on! First, let me just get this out of my system. is still around? Huh. Jenn from reappropriate echoed my thoughts when she wrote: … Continue reading

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Chinese Game Console Imitation

I got to hand it to Chinese companies: they sure have the art of imitation down. Movies, music, software, clothes, automobiles, and of course, electronics. You may already know about the Meizu M8 and its GUI. (There’s even a case … Continue reading

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Chinese Automobile Rip-Offs

Dude, I totally know how you can save money on a new Audi S4 — buy a SMA Shanghai Maple from China instead! Recent reports of certain automakers in China outright copying the look of Western cars have been met … Continue reading

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A Kid’s-Eye View of Chinatown

This is a bit of old news from San Francisco Chronicle, but I think it’s still cool: National Geographic handed out Olympus digital cameras to 15 San Francisco teenagers — first-generation Asian Americans and newly arrived Asian immigrants — and … Continue reading

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A Comment on Asian Christians: A Friend’s Response

I was talking to a friend about Akrypti’s article “A Comment on Asian Christians earlier this evening. “I’m surprised that all of the comments so far are supportive of the article. I expected a strong backlash.” “Why?” asked my friend. … Continue reading

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Hip Hop Violin

Yup, what’s what I said. Hip hop violin. Check it out: Played masterfully by the LA-based duo Paul Dateh (on violin) and inka one (on turntables). Holy crap these guys are good. They deserve all the press & attention they … Continue reading

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Crouching China, Hidden Taiwan

This just in – Ang Lee movie caught in political spat: Taiwan criticized the Venice International Film Festival on Tuesday for listing a movie by Oscar-winning Taiwanese director Ang Lee as originating in “Taiwan, China,” a label that suggests the … Continue reading

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The Hip ‘n Free Philippine Encyclopedia

Since Genghis has been covering all sorts of news about China, I wondered, what about the Philippines? I mean, Asia is more than just Chinese, right? That’s when I found out about WikiPilipinas, the hip and free Philippine encyclopedia that … Continue reading

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Why Asian Guys Can’t Get White Girls

I couldn’t resist not posting this. First, there was Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys, then there was a response. Now, here’s the flip side: Why can’t Asian guys get white girls? This totally awesome and totally hilarious response … Continue reading

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Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys

So, the age-old question: Why do Asian girls go for white guys? A friend (who happens to be Caucasian guy and married to an Asian American girl) asked if there really are more interracial couples than intra-racial couples out there. … Continue reading

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Chinese Women Crave Bill Gates’ Sperm

I tried coming up with a clever title for this article. But, well, do I really need something more attention grabbing than that? (I ripped it off from the source.) According to Weird Asia News: [China’s ‘Self’ magazine] asked 1000 … Continue reading

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How Much Do You Love Ramen?

I love Japanese ramen. Love it. And now, I can be it! Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, a spa theme park located in Hakone, has just unveiled a new themed bath. The new themed bath is… yes! A bowl of ramen noodle … Continue reading

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