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I am a Japanese-American girl who was born, raised and is most probably stuck in traffic right this second in Los Angeles. I'm currently one of the co-editors of 8Asians and like to distract myself with good food, reading long books, playing video games, catching up on celebrity news, choosing my new new haircut and then writing all about it on Hello Moye and sometimes here on Twitter if I can get it in under 140 words or less. You can reach me at moye[at]

Asians Behaving Badly: Pinkberry Co-Founder Arrested For Beating Homeless Man

Usually when you take a cold, delicious bite of Pinkberry frozen yogurt, you don’t think about tire irons and homeless people. But maybe you will now, thanks to the latest news that the co-founder of the (still kinda) popular fro-yo … Continue reading

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Is Luc Besson’s The Lady More About Love Than Politics?

There’s a new trailer out for Luc Besson’s latest film, The Lady, where Michelle Yeoh stars as political rights activist Aung San Suu Kyi. Judging from the first trailer, I assumed the film would be about her struggles in establishing … Continue reading

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The 8Asians Talk About Their New Years Blogging Resolutions

So 2012 has finally arrived. According to many, it marks the coming of the end of the year. To others, it’s just another 365 days of life. For us here at 8Asians, it’s a chance to refresh, restart, make and … Continue reading

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Oakland Mayor Jean Quan’s Protest Background Raises Dilemma

Jean Quan faced a tough first year as the mayor of Oakland after her controversial handling of the Occupy movement. From the New York Times: “For Ms. Quan, 62, a longtime civil rights activist and former union organizer whose husband … Continue reading

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Paul Qui, My New Top Chef Crush

Good bye, Dale Talde. And hello, Paul Qui. This Austin based “chef-testant” is competing on the current ninth season of Top Chef and I’m already rooting for him to win the final prize. Don’t get me wrong: it was hard … Continue reading

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Rick Perry Confuses The Late Kim Jong-Il As Kim Jong The Second

Kim Jong-Il may have passed away but the Internet lols have continued, especially with Presidential hopeful Rick Perry sending out an official statement on the North Korean dictator’s death with a glaring mistake: “Rick Perry mistakenly referred to the despot … Continue reading

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Australian Soap Opera Neighbours Welcomes First Indian Family

The classic Australian soap opera, Neighbours, is best known for featuring now well known cast members, like Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue and Natalie Imbruglia but now they’re introducing their first all-Indian family–and not every fan is happy: “Melbourne-born of Indian … Continue reading

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California’s Angela Zhang Wins $100K National Science Prize

Congratulations are in order for 17 year old Angela Zhang for winning the coveted $100,000 scholarship in the annual high school science competition put on by the Siemen’s Foundation. The high school student was inspired by the passing of her … Continue reading

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