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Rob is 24 and lives in New York City. He enjoys adventuring, discovering more about himself and the world around him, and connecting with other people.

Raising Your Kid: Problems with the “Raymond Zheng” Approach to Education

Recently John posted about Raymond Zheng, a precocious 14 year old college freshman. Although I know nothing about Raymond beyond the video that John sent out, I’d like to use him as a starting point to explore a topic that … Continue reading

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What Yao Ming Not Dunking Tells Us About Asian Culture

As a diehard hoops fan, I was extremely excited when Yao Ming first entered the NBA. Not only did it mark the emergence of a new and potentially great basketball talent, it also thrust an Asian male into the media … Continue reading

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Asians Can Be Just As Racist Too!

There seems to be a lot of discussion within the Asian American community about acts of racism against Asians, but very little about Asians acting racist themselves. It occurs frequently and seems to me to be a real problem. For … Continue reading

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“Why am I the Coolest Asian You Know?”

This weekend I went to Hoboken for their St. Patrick’s Day Parade. St. Patrick’s Day in Hoboken is basically an excuse for everyone to get very drunk and celebrate in public; its telling that when someone asked my Irish Catholic … Continue reading

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On Stereotypes, Assimilation and a Manhattan Bar called Park

Recently I met some friends at a bar called Park, located in downtown Manhattan. Park is one of these trendy, well decorated bar/lounges that have sprung up all across NYC and cater mostly to a young professional/hipster crowd. Like other … Continue reading

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Asians Playing Non-Asian Roles: The National Asian American Theater Company

Recently my friend took me to a performance by the National Asian American Theater Company. The group puts on shows that are “not for or about Asian Americans, but realized with an all Asian American cast”. We went to see … Continue reading

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