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The College Admissions Game, Part 3: An Admissions Officer Speaks

College admissions officers have been criticized about things like caps on Asians Americans and decisions about who gets in and who does not. But what do they really think?  The Daughter’s high school held a session where a college admissions … Continue reading

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The College Admissions Game, Part 2: Race and School Selection

“I don’t want to go there – it’s too Asian!” That is the last thing I wanted to hear from the Daughter. Doesn’t she know I write for a blog on Asian American issues, and now she is going all … Continue reading

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The College Admissions Game, Part 1: Picking Schools

As we prepared to leave The Daughter to start her freshman year of college, she started crying. The Wife started crying also.  I was mostly numb as I wondered, how did we get to this point?  Is this the culmination … Continue reading

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Diwali Pushed as a School Holiday in Silicon Valley

While I was driving home with The Daughter and one of her friends on an early November evening, the friend pointed to a house lit with Christmas lights.  “Isn’t it early for Christmas lights?” she asked.  “Not for Christmas,”  I … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley’s Ping Pong Boom

While growing up, my family had a ping pong table in our basement — my brother and I would often play during the summers, when we had a lot of time during our summer vacations and when it was nice … Continue reading

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Asian American Influences in Real Estate: Silicon Valley and Beyond

“You Asians Ruined Everything!” My Brother-In-Law, a realtor in Silicon Valley, was taken aback when a white real estate agent suddenly said this to him.  The agent was complaining about the negative practices of some Asian-American real estate agents.  My … Continue reading

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Tall, Short and Segregated Asians: Six Lessons from a Basketball Season

My sons finished their very long basketball seasons last month, and I was surprised how some of my own views on sports, basketball, and Asian-Americans changed after what seemed to be an endless season. Here are six lessons that I … Continue reading

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India Salsa Fusion

One of the pleasures of living in Silicon Valley is seeing the interplay of many different cultures and watching how they mix and combine.  A fascinating meld of art and culture has happened between Salsa and Indian Music.  Giju John … Continue reading

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Asian-Americans Kids: Moving Back and Forth Between Asia

My boss has been living in India (I like to joke that my management has been outsourced), but he is moving back to the United States.  One of his concerns is how his daughter will deal with the move.  She … Continue reading

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