• http://www.8asians.com/author/ancientone95131/ jeffat8asians

    Wow, 1200 calories a day sounds really unpleasant! I used a similar plan (loseit.com) to lose weight but in a much more comfortable way at about 1800 per day (not counting exercise, which lets one eat more). You were thinking about finishing a whole plate of Cheong Fun Shrimp noodles? Wow, I have problems finishing one roll. Anyway, when doing a calorie counting type diet, one way to eat dim sum is to plan which items you will eat before hand, calculating calories before hand (I confess though that I NEVER do that with dim sum). Btw, gai lan is pretty low calories and high in fiber, but don’t know about the sauce people put on it.

  • Tina Tsai

    Cheong Fun Shrimp noodles are like bbq chips to me…I can’t just have one. ^_^

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