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Las Vegas – Anything for a Buck!

As you probably have already figured out, I love reading The New York Times (as well as The Wall Street Journal FYI), so I just read “Las Vegas Adapts to Reap Chinese New Year Bounty” Zhu Yu was not the … Continue reading

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is Chinese New Year – which is today – Sunday, February 18, 2007! It’s the Year of the Pig (Boar) – I was born the Year of the Pig – so you can guess how old I am! What’s … Continue reading

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You’re Beautiful

What’s a Pinay to do when she really, really loves something? Write a song and sing about it. That’s exactly what Christine of did. And whoa boy, does she love that Mac. Watching her with that G5 almost makes … Continue reading

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Yul Kwon and the Asian American Donor Program

Yul Kwon turned 32 on Valentine’s Day and apparently donated “$50,000 of his cash from winning “Survivor: The Cook Islands” to the Asian American Donor Program, in the hopes the money will help educate Asian-Americans about the importance of bone … Continue reading

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Three (!!!) API hopefuls on American Idol

We’ve previously blogged about Paul Kim being the Anti-William Hung at the American Idol auditions, but did you actually know there are at least three people of Asian/Pacific Islander decent that have made the Top 24? Along with Paul Kim, … Continue reading

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SF Bay Area 2007 Taiwanese American Lunar New Year Celebration This Saturday

From the website: and the 2nd generation organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, TACL, ITASA, TAYL, NATMA 2G, TAF-SF, NATWA II, NATEA 2G, Taiwanese Friends, and Taiwanese Happenings, are pleased to co-host another exciting event in conjunction with … Continue reading

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Why isn’t Norm Chow a Head Football Coach?

I’m not a football fan by any means, but from Musings on sports comes this fascinating article about Norman Chow, a man critically acclaimed for his talents at coaching football but has yet to receive a head coach position. Popmatters … Continue reading

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I Only Date Chinese

Do you only date Chinese people? Are you a Chinese-ist? gasp! Then you’ll probably want to attend Third Thursday’s upcoming discussion, “I only date Chinese“, on February 15th (this week!) in San Francisco. (Apologies to all those not in San … Continue reading

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Asian Chick Lit By Asians Who Would Rather Not Call Attention to the Fact That They’re Asians

I was mesmerized by Jeff Yang’s article about “Asian Chick Lit” in today’s SF Chronicle. It describes the decline in “regular” (um, read “white”) chick lit at the same time as an explosion of Asian-American authors writing about young, professional, … Continue reading

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Paul Kim: The Anti-William Hung

Move over Will, we have a new Asian American Idol now – Saratoga, CA, pool maintenance technician (read: pool boy) Paul Kim! It kinda bothers me when people think about Asian singers, you think: William Hung. And uh, I’m not … Continue reading

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Would You Pay Six Bucks for One Dollar?

Sure you would. Because that one-dollar bill has a serial number beginning with “8888” on it. Seriously. The U.S. government has done it again. Robbed the yellow man of his hard-earned money. The Bureau of Engraving & Printing released their … Continue reading

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The new “Silk Road”

Lately I’ve been watching, HBO’s drama series, Rome, where you slowly watch the power struggle of all the players responsible for the downfall of the Roman empire. The show is intriguing and a Hollywood take at a historical lesson. It’s … Continue reading

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