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Asians *ARE* good at math and science

Well, I wonder if this blog title posting got your attention :-). In The New York Times’ article “Study Compares States’ Math and Science Scores With Other Countries’ “: “American students even in low-performing states like Alabama do better on … Continue reading

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Will Yun Lee, One of the “Sexiest Men Alive”

I had previously profiled Will Yun Lee in my blog post “Bionic Woman: Looks Like Starbuck Has Yellow Fever.” Well, in the most recent issue of People Magazine, their “Sexiest Man Alive” honor goes to Matt Damon, but the magazine … Continue reading

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POP 88 #14 – Interview with Olivia Cheng

Hello Everyone, Thank you for downloading our 14th episode. This episode includes your requests played, plus an interview/ conversation with Olivia Cheng from the new docudrama Iris Chang: The Rape of Nanking (*note there is use of cursive words – … Continue reading

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Yahoo settles with dissidents

As I had posted in “WSJ: Yahoo’s Lashing Highlights Risks Of China Market,” Yahoo! got quite an earful by Congress last week. In today’s San Jose Mercury News, it was reported that “Yahoo settles with dissidents – Yang Takes Personal … Continue reading

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WSJ: Chinese Dissidents Take On Beijing Via Media Empire

In November 15th’s issue of The Wall Street Journal, a page one article “Chinese Dissidents Take On Beijing Via Media Empire” describes the efforts of overseas Chinese, including Chinese-Americans, to speak out against mainland China’s crackdown on Falun Gong (“”a … Continue reading

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AKA… Also Known As

Today’s New York Times blog ran an intriguing opinion piece written by a Korean-born woman adopted by a white American family. In the essay, Hollee McGinnis aka Lee Hwa Keong, ruminates about the loses and gains of transracial and ethnic … Continue reading

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implicitly asian. and stuff about voting.

While searching for information about voting activity by race & ethnicity in california (an activity itself spurred on by hearing a radio discussion about ethnic groups being underrepresented at the polls–yeah, i know, not exactly the biggest surprise ever, but … Continue reading

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ChinaExpat: China as the next Japan?

China Expat makes some interesting observations in comparing the latest Chinese growth to current day Japan. It’s interesting the perspectives taken are a very westernized look at how China compares up with the rest of the world. Westerners seem to … Continue reading

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San Francisco Happy Hour for, November 29th!

In conjunction with Keith K. at, we are having our very first in-person happy hour in San Francisco. (Note that while this isn’t an official event we are still asking for a $10 donation at the door, a … Continue reading

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Rod Wheeler on Fox News Pulls His Eyes Back Taut in Reference to Chinaman

On Fox News, Rod Wheeler, a criminal investigator and former homicide detective, talks about a suspect being a Hispanic, not merely “dark-skinned.” He believes racial denominations are much more telling for an investigation than description of simply the skin tone. … Continue reading

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Asian Candy for the Eye (ACE): Chinese Lingerie Competition

From Mainichi Daily News: Models in skimpy lingerie hit the runway during the “Ordifen Cup 2007 Lingerie Innovative Design Contest” held as part of China Fashion Week in Beijing, Nov. 6. Click on the image for more. ‘Nuf said. Photo … Continue reading

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American Schoolchildren are Such Chickens

Oh yea, you American schoolchildren are such chickens. Bok bok bok bok chickens! Not like us Chinese schoolchildren in Beijing. Nope. We’re so brave. We climb out our three-story classrooms and stand on four-inch ledges to clean our windows without … Continue reading

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