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NPR: Vietnamese-Owned Pot ‘Grow Houses’ Flourish in Pacific Northwest

I’m a big fan of National Public Radio (NPR), and heard this piece in the car while driving home tonight: “Pot ‘Grow Houses’ Flourish in Pacific Northwest” which discussed the growing trend of “grow houses” – growing marijuana indoors, found … Continue reading

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Asian American Mental Health Services

The winter holidays are coming. This means lots of holiday jingles, gift shopping, and family reunions (like this past Thursday). For many, it also means stress, loneliness, anxiety, depression, and even suicide. There’s already been a fair amount written on … Continue reading

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On the Angry Asian Trend

Angry Asian Man blurbed a CBC article about the trend of the angry Asian man. (The article is about the emerging image of the angry Asian man, not about Phil Yu’s site which is coincidentally but not irrelevantly named Angry … Continue reading

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UC adopts ‘Count Me In’ application proposal

I read in The San Jose Mercury News online today in “UC adopts ‘Count Me In’ application proposal” that: “The University of California will revamp its undergraduate application to find out more about the Pacific Rim students who have become … Continue reading

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YouTube Fridays: Che’nelle (and other urban artists)

Okay, it’s not Friday, but the day before Thanksgiving counts as a Friday in my work world. After flipping through radio stations, I came across “I fell in love with the dj” by Malaysian born Australian artist Che’nelle. This raggaeton … Continue reading

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San Jose: ‘Saigon Business District’ wins

As you may or may not know, San Jose, California has one of the largest Vietnamese-American populations in the United States (approximately 100,000 Vietnamese-Americans -around 10% of San Jose’s population). There has been a brewing debate within the Vietnemes-American community … Continue reading

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A review of Lust, Caution

Lust, Caution has been out for awhile. However, it deserves another review because it isn’t nearly as bad as the reviews make it seem. It’s actually pretty good. And it’s still playing here and there (it wasn’t widely released in … Continue reading

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Catching Up With the Joneses

Over the weekend, the NY Times reported on a new Census Bureau analysis of the most common surnames in the US.  For the first time, two Hispanic surnames – Garcia and Rodriguez – made the top 10 most common in … Continue reading

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The day the Lees discovered Thanksgiving

This month’s issue of Gourmet magazine features a fusion Thanksgiving menu inspired by the flavors of “the east” aka Japan, China, and India.  Traditional turkey day eats are updated and become Pumpkin, Corn, and Lemongrass Soup, Roasted Japanese Sweet Potatoes with … Continue reading

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Gackt rocks it at MKMF

For no other reason than to post this for Ben (who may or may not have seen it already), Japanese rocker Gackt recently performed at the Mnet KM Festival Awards in Korea. He won the Best Foreign Artist award and … Continue reading

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The Great Firewall of China

There is a lot to be said about the Great Firewall of China. Also known as the Golden Shield Project, this baby has been intact since 2003, but has been in design since as early as 98. The goal of … Continue reading

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Follow-ups: Goh Nakamura, Kayla the Asian YoBaby, Writers and other stuff

Two months ago, Samantha wrote about Goh Nakamura’s newest video, “Embarcadero Blues.” Turns out that wasn’t the final cut – the following video is the finished work. And on top of that, the video was linked off of YouTube’s front … Continue reading

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