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Obama nominates Nobel physicist Steven Chu as Energy secretary

Last week, the Obama administration leaked that their choice for Secretary of Energy would be Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Chu, currently the director of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Yesterday, Obama made it official, publicly announcing his nomination for Chu. Personally, … Continue reading

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What if Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid didn’t have a Japanese Accent?

Mark Lee over at Overthinking It hated Mister Miyagi’s accent in The Karate Kid and the phrase “Wax on, wax off” that got him teased growing up. Really hated it. So much so, that he re-dubbed the famous scene in … Continue reading

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Secrets of the Kung Fu Temple: Shaolin Inc.

Premiering this coming Thursday, December 18 at 10PM ET/PT on the National Geographic Channel is Secrets of the Kung Fu Temple. Although the documentary is a good overview of the current state of Shaolin in 2008 its misguided title should … Continue reading

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The Owl and the Sparrow

There’s a part of me that’s too tough, wise, and jaded for a film about a Vietnamese kid who runs away and must find a way to survive in Ho Chi Minh City. But there’s also a part of me … Continue reading

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“Arrogant and Entitled” Super Smash Brothers Player May Win Survivor: Gabon

Ever since CBS broadcast Survivor: Race War Survivor: Cook Islands, the series has been pretty good about casting diverse contestants. And for this season, Survivor: Gabon have themselves an token Asian contestant in the form of SephirothKen, or Ken Hoang, … Continue reading

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Stating the Obvious: Cupertino has a lot of Asians

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you know that the South Bay is pretty ethnically diverse. Well, in cities like Milipitas and Cupertino, Asians make up the majority, as reported the other day in The San Jose … Continue reading

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This Weekend in LA: Lodestone After Dark: The Beginning of the End

In 1995, following the 1992 Los Angeles riots, veteran actor Soon-Tek Oh created the Society of Heritage Performers (SHP), a Korean American theatre ensemble. SHP evolved into Lodestone Theatre Ensemble in 1999, organized by original founders: actors Alexandra Bokyun Chun, … Continue reading

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The 8Asians Writers Talk About: Asians and Jerky Products

Our internal e-mail lists have us discussing all kinds of stuff: Asian American identity, representation in the media, the experiences of activism in an academia setting and its progression as we transition to the working, adult world. And sometimes, we … Continue reading

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A Lesson on JiaoZi (餃子)

I just caught this short video called The Expat Life: Dumpling 101 by the WSJ’s Alan Paul, who gets a lesson on how to make Chinese dumplings, or jiaozi, before he left China. Do YOU know how to make jiaozi? … Continue reading

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San Diego Jet Crash Brings Tragedy to Korean American Family

On Monday, tragedy occurred in San Diego when an F/A-18D Hornet fighter suffered a power failure of both of its engines as it approached the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. The pilot was able to eject safely from the plane, … Continue reading

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Anh “Joseph” Cao is the First Vietnamese-American elected to US Congress

The state of Louisiana has been making history lately by electing their latest congressman this past weekend, Republican attorney Anh “Joseph” Cao. Cao becomes the first Vietnamese American to be elected into Congress, ousting indicted ten-term Democratic U.S. Rep. William … Continue reading

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Asians are so Advanced They are Playing Shark Guitars

I actually have nothing intellectual to say about this. I just find this funny, that’s all. (via the duty on tumblr)

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