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Asian American Commercial Watch: ESPN: This is SportsCenter – Jeremy Lin If you’ve ever watched ESPN, you know that they often produce and air their own tongue-in-cheek commercials regarding their daily evening news sport wrap-up program SportsCenter. Oftentimes, EPSN will have an athlete star or make a cameo in one … Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin to Represent the Houston Rockets at 2013 NBA Skills Challenge

Jeremy Lin will be representing the Houston Rockets at the 2013 Taco Bell Skills Challenge, on Saturday February 16 during NBA All-Star Weekend.  The Taco Bell Skills Challenge is a timed course where contestants have to dribble, pass, and shoot … Continue reading

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San Francisco: 2013 Fred Korematsu Day Heroes Celebration Hosted by Danny Glover

A few weekends ago on January 27th, The Korematsu Institute celebrated Fred Korematsu Day 2013 by honoring a group of American civil rights heroes. The event was hosted by San Francisco native and activist Danny Glover. In keeping with the … Continue reading

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DiversityInc: 7 Things NEVER to Say to Asian-American Executives

DiversityInc published an articled entitled 7 Things NEVER to Say to Asian-American Executives but I feel like most of these are things that people shouldn’t say to any Asian American, regardless of whether or not they are “executives.” The list … Continue reading

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What Asian American Kids Watch on the Internet: Jeremy Lin’s “The Last Pick”

Number One Son is not a Jeremy Lin fan (“over-rated” he calls Lin), so I was surprised when he told me that I should watch Jeremy Lin’s new video, “The Last Pick.”  This video was created by the Jubilee Project, … Continue reading

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Energy Secretary Steven Chu to Resign

First there was Cabinet Secretary Chris Lu resigning after four years of service in The White House, now Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is retiring: “While I will always remain dedicated to the missions of the department, I informed the … Continue reading

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Strange Serendipities in Ceylon (Part 4)

[In 2009, the decades-long civil war in Sri Lanka between the terrorist LTTE or Tamil Tigers and Sri Lankan Government finally ended, but left behind a legacy of war that endures, further complicated by global climate change. In 2012, Johnny … Continue reading

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Intersections of Arts and Violence by Isaac Ho

By Isaac Ho When a horrible tragedy captures our nation’s attention (as happened with the Newtown shootings) we, as a society and as individuals, search for answers vowing to never allow such a tragedy to happen again. No industry wants … Continue reading

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L.A. Giveaway: Opening Night of ‘Christmas in Hanoi’ at East West Players

UPDATE 2/13/2013: Congrats to Jacqueline Wu! So here’s the deal. I’m on the Board of East West Players (EWP), the largest producing organization of Asian American artistic work and the longest running professional theater of color in the country. Since … Continue reading

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Need a Prostate Check? Call a “Small, Asian, Female Doctor,” Says Australia’s ‘First Bloke’

Now, I do have to admit. I voted for Julia Gilliard at the last election. For those who don’t know, Julia Gilliard is the head of a minority government compromised of the Labour and Green parties. Traditionally, they’ve stood out … Continue reading

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White Mom Tells Son: You’ll Never be as Good as Those Little Asians

When I was growing up, one of the stereotypes for Filipino kids was that we were all supposed be able to dance.  In this video, it looks like this stereotype, probably encouraged by the success of Asian American Dance Crews … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Super Bowl 2013 Edition With every Super Bowl, there are the commercials. In fact, many people just watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. But since I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was rooting for the 49ers – too bad … Continue reading

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