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Mihee lives in the Mid-West with her husband, toddler-aged twins (yes, terrible twos is actually a thing), and baby #3. Though her reserve of brain cells is seriously depleted she is still passionate about Asian American culture, religion and social justice for marginalized people, stories about Korea, sports, and power naps. During the day, she spends a lot of time trying to remember which baby needs to eat or get a diaper change, mentoring and ministering to college students, occasionally taking a walk, writing, watching Sportscenter, or grabbing coffee. You can read her blog here.

Korean Gymnast Arises from Poverty to Win Olympic Gold

From Korea Times: “Yang stood atop the podium after nailing an excellent pair of vaults including one judged to be the most difficult of the competition, which is even called ‘Yang Hak-seon’ after him. The three-twist front somersault was invented by … Continue reading

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The Red Chamber Book Review

Written by Pauline Chen — a resident of Oberlin, Ohio, with a doctorate in Chinese literature from Princeton (N.J.) University — The Red Chamber is a hefty 400 pages of an intriguing love story somewhere along the lines of Romeo and … Continue reading

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South Korean Activism, Protests On Jejudo, And Christianity

Growing up in the US, and specifically in a Christian community, I recall doing very little in the way of volunteerism, service, or even mission projects (loosely defined as going out and working with another community). It’s ironic since the … Continue reading

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Chinese Girl Covered in Black Hair Abandoned By Parents

There are some strange things in the world. The story of this little 6-year old in China who has a “rare condition that causes her to grow hair on more than 60% of her body, including the left side of … Continue reading

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Minorities Are Now Majority Of U.S. Births, Census Says

From USA Today: “For the first time, racial and ethnic minorities make up more than half the children born in the U.S,” The Associated Press writes. News from the Census Bureau is “a sign of how swiftly the USA is becoming … Continue reading

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China And South Korea Discussing Free-Trade Agreement

From the Korea Herald: “South Korea and China are starting discussions toward reaching a free-trade agreement and want to establish the accord as early as possible, Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming said. The first round of talks will take place this … Continue reading

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The Oikos University Shooting: Mental Health and Korean American Community

There have been a number of school shootings in the news lately, with the most recent including an elementary school in the Pacific Northwest and a middle school in in Texas in 2012. I can think of few things more … Continue reading

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Is Jeremy Lin New York’s Beloved?

Jeremy Lin hasn’t been playing as great as he had been in February. But, still. He’s a really like-able guy. Humble. Down-to-Earth. According to the latest “The Most Beloved” competition by ESPN, “The New York Knicks point guard captured 70 percent of … Continue reading

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More Korean Students Want To Go Overseas

From Korea Times: “About 50 percent of middle and high school students think Korea is not a good country to live in. The survey was conducted by the National Youth Policy Institute (NYPI) on some 9,400 elementary and secondary school … Continue reading

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Itsy Bitsy Stories: Culturally Diverse Books for Children

Children’s books are all the rage – in my house. We’re always looking for stories that veer away from the traditional Mother Goose rhymes or Brothers Grimm. I ran across this from Asian Week: “The ancient Chinese Zodiac comes to … Continue reading

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North Korea Agrees to Suspend Nuclear Work for Food Aid

From New York Times: “The surprise announcement raised the possibility of ending a diplomatic impasse that has allowed the country’s nuclear program to continue for years without international oversight. North Korea has suffered years of food shortages and a devastating famine. The Obama … Continue reading

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