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The Closing of America’s Largest Landfill

Growing up in Hacienda Heights, I knew we were right next to the Puente Hills Landfill. Little did I know it was the largest landfill in America. Hacienda Heights has one of the largest concentrations of Taiwanese descent Americans, and … Continue reading

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Should Yuna Kim Have Won Gold in Sochi?

In a shocking turn not even the live news announcers fully expected, Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova took home the gold medal in ladies figure skating (her country’s first), upsetting defending gold-medalist South Korea’s Yuna Kim at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Italy’s … Continue reading

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Asian American Subsistence Fishing in Southern California

On a business trip to Southern California, I visited the Daughter, and together we saw this sign about contaminated fish on the Manhattan Beach Pier.  It caught my eye that you shouldn’t eat barracuda (you can catch barracuda off of … Continue reading

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Taiwan’s New Darling Baby Panda: Dumpling (Yuan Zai)

I recently learned from my mother, an avid YouTube viewer, that the first birth of a baby panda in Taiwan at Taipei Zoo has caught the adoration of the country. They had a competition to name the little dear, and … Continue reading

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Asian American Medical Hazard: Valley Fever (Coccidioidomycosis)

When I read this article about how California was moving prisoners from Central Valley prisons because of “valley fever” problems, one line in particular got my attention: U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson last week ordered the transfer of most black, … Continue reading

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Asian American Medical Hazard: Toxic Subsistence Fishing

When I saw this sign at the start of a run at Coyote Point, a park on San Francisco Bay, I thought to myself, “do people really eat a lot of fish from the Bay?”  Apparently many do, as a … Continue reading

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Chinese Air Pollution Reaches US West Coast

While smog is yet one of the many problems afflicting Los Angeles, this blog entry points out that some of LA’s famous air pollution comes all the way from China.   According to this report, some days have a third of … Continue reading

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Judge Refuses to Block California Shark Fin Ban

U.S. District judge Phyllis Hamilton refused to block the enforcement of California’s ban on the sale of shark fins, rejecting charges that the law is discriminatory against Chinese Americans.  Two organizations, Asian Americans for Political Advancement and the San Francisco … Continue reading

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The Era Of Japanese American Gardeners Coming To A Close

The Japanese gardener–once a fixture in American culture–is slowly dying away with the passing generations. The LA Times recently profiled the cultural phenomenon spurred by Japanese American families taking over the horticultural industry after World War II:  “At one time … Continue reading

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Mars Rover Curiosity Was Named By Clara Ma

This past Sunday, Aug 5th, the Mar’s Rover successfully landed after a 36-week flight from Earth to the red planet. Sending HD images back almost immediately after landing, it has begun its two-year mission to study whether Mars has and/or … Continue reading

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South Korean Activism, Protests On Jejudo, And Christianity

Growing up in the US, and specifically in a Christian community, I recall doing very little in the way of volunteerism, service, or even mission projects (loosely defined as going out and working with another community). It’s ironic since the … Continue reading

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Watch Yul Kwon’s “America Revealed” PBS Series Online

Back in April, Asian American celebrity host Yul Kwon hosted a four part series on for PBS called America Revealed with the following episodes: Episode 1 – Food Machine Episode 2 – Nation on the Move Episode 3 – Electric … Continue reading

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