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VIRAL LIKE SARS: Driving in India

Every time I watch driving videos, I’m amazed that there aren’t more accidents that are caused by the dynamic flow of traffic. I mean, two lanes are supposed to constrain people to the lanes, right? But in China and India, … Continue reading

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The NBA Targets India as its Next Big Market

With rising incomes, media-savvy youth, and a huge population, India seems to the NBA to be it’s next big thing.  One problem – Indians don’t seem to like basketball that much.   “Genetically, we’re not inclined that way,” says an Indian … Continue reading

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Eat Pray Love: A Cute, Lengthy Movie That Will Make You Hungry

Throughout the entire (I repeat: ENTIRE) 133 minutes of the screening of Eat Pray Love, I had the pleasure of sitting next to a young woman who said, “That’s cute” every 15 minutes. Occasionally, she would repeat the dialogue said … Continue reading

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Asian Youth Sports Mania

Bob Cook, who writes the youth sports blog “Your Kid’s Not Going Pro” (a personal favorite), sent us some links about youth sports mania in Asia.  This article from Joong Ang Daily talks about “Kim Yu-na kids, ” whose parents’ … Continue reading

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Reactions to Michael Jackson’s death in Asia

The death of Michael Jackson has unleashed a lot of craziness here in Los Angeles, as it has been the location of his death and memorial service, as well as “home base” for the Jackson Family (via their Encino compound). … Continue reading

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Slumdog Millionaire Not so Golden to Some Indians

“What movie are you guys seeing?” asked J., a Indian friend of The Daughter. “We’re going to see Slumdog Millionaire,” said The Daughter. “Don’t see that – it makes India look so bad!” said J. It turns out that J. … Continue reading

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