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Runoff Election Tonight in NYC: John C. Liu Vs. David Yassky for City Comptroller

Tonight, after I get off work, I will be casting my vote for New York City comptroller in the runoff election between city councilmen John C. Liu and David Yassky. As previously blogged about here on 8Asians, Liu received the … Continue reading

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Sam Yoon: ‘Nothing I regret’ about running for mayor

Tuesday night, city council member Sam Yoon was closely nudged out of the Boston mayoral primary, winning 21% of the vote. Incumbent Mayor Thomas Menino won 51% of the vote and fellow city council member Michael Flaherty won 24% of … Continue reading

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Obama campaign needs to lose 80/20

If there’s anything I despise, it’s spam. One thing I hate worse than spam? It’s political spam. And the 80-20 Initiative doesn’t do itself or the Democratic Party any favors. Lo and behold, I go and check the one single … Continue reading

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The origin of ethnic slurs

If you’re easily offended by racial slurs, do not read this. The intent of this post is to look at words targeting a certain populace is later on applied to a general population. I was reading my daily dose of … Continue reading

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SF Supervisor Ed Jew resigns

Breaking news from the San Francisco Chronicle’s web portal, sfgate.com, that Ed Jew, the City supervisor who was accused of living in a different city while representing the predominantly Asian Sunset District, has resigned in exchange of San Francisco Mayor … Continue reading

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