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Asian Americans using the Covid-19 Lockdown to learn Family Languages

Like a lot of millennials, the Daughter moved back in with us after college.   One surprising result of her move was that she began to pick up Tagalog.  Although she grew up in an Asian neighborhood and some her aunts … Continue reading

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Filipina Nurses Fired for Speaking Tagalog During “Nursing Shortage”

Four Filipinas who were working in the Emergency Room of Bon Secours Hospital in Baltimore were summarily fired, allegedly for speaking Tagalog on the job. The hospital has an English only policy in the emergency room, but the nurses and  … Continue reading

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Internet Page Reveals How to Talk Dirty in Tagalog

This is a webpage of phrases discussing sex in Tagalog. Just to clarify: The Filipino language Tagalog does not have a direct translation for the word “Sex”. “Mag-seks” is Tag-lish (Tagalog prefix with an English suffix.) Back in the day, … Continue reading

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Filipino Language Classes in High School

On our family vacation to San Diego, we visited friends in the heavily Filipino city of Chula Vista.  To my surprise, one of my friend’s sons was studying for his Filipino quiz the next day!  I blogged about language retention … Continue reading

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Adding a Helping of Heritage on a Full Plate (Part 1 – Language)

“Dad, what are they saying?” said Number One Son. “Yeah, what are they talking about?” said Number Two Son.  My sons were referring to the animated conversation that was going on in Tagalog between, their Aunts, their Uncles, and the … Continue reading

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