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China Fails to Stop French Auction

The designer Yves Saint Laurent died last year, and the collection of art he and partner Pierre Berge amassed over their lifetime is now up for sale at a Christie’s auction in Paris next week. Among the many treasures to … Continue reading

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Kearny Street Workshop’s DIY Video: Cast of Thousand’s “Wicked Smile”

Not all music videos involving Asian Americans consist of themselves playing in front of a steady-cam to be uploaded onto YouTube. Enter San Francisco based Kearny Street Workshop, and their DIY Video Night; DIY as in “Do It Yourself,” as … Continue reading

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Seoul Soo the Korean Cow Wants to be Californian

Check out the latest cow that is auditioning to be a California cow! She’s Korean, her name is Seoul Soo. (Sorta cute, no?) I’m surprised how good her Korean is (a very slight English accent but barely noticeable), at first … Continue reading

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Chinese Treasures to be Reunited in Taiwan

The best collection of Chinese antiquities is found in Taiwan. This is of course no surprise to anyone familiar with 20th century Chinese history. The Cultural Revolution brought with it the destruction of much of the cultural artifacts in China, … Continue reading

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Photo Zen: Tule Lake, Newell, Calif., circa 1942

(Flickr photo credit: bobster1985)

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When Life Hands You Lemons, Redesign the Website

So if you are visiting the website and you’re not using an RSS Feed Reader, you may have noticed some, uhm, subtle differences to the 8Asians. Like the fact that we completely redesigned the website. Truth is, we didn’t expect … Continue reading

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The Life Cycle of Instant Yakisoba

Okay, I admit it; I’m nuts for yakisoba, what is basically glorified ramen. But when you’re in a world where Asian goods aren’t as easy to get, and the stars and moons align just right, you would be amazed at … Continue reading

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Random Asian Guy Does 100 Dances with 100 Songs in 100 Locations

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo. Internet, meet Ely Kim, a graduate student at Yale University studying graphic design. Apparently, taking graduate courses in graphic design gives you a LOT of free time on your hands, because this viral video … Continue reading

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Cute 4 Year Old Pitches Windows for Microsoft

This recent Microsoft TV commercial features a cute four-and-a-half Asian American girl named Kylie. Kylie is pitching how easy it is to take photos from her digital camera to her PC, fix the photos and upload them to share to … Continue reading

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POP 88 #29 – Exclusive POP 88 T-Shirts Have Arrived!

But you have to join the POP 88 Social Network and become a member for your chance to get one in our monthly giveaway! This episode brings you the latest from Fly to the Sky and Namie Amuro. I announce … Continue reading

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Asian Americans and Mistaken Identity

“I got an adult small for Jason,” said the team mom of Number Two Son’s basketball team about the team uniforms she handed out. “Wait, you’re not Jason’s dad, are you?” No, I am not.  She was mistaking me for … Continue reading

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Dr. Judy Chu Running for California’s 32nd Congressional Seat

Congresswoman Hilda L. Solis was nominated by President Barack Obama for Labor of Secretary earlier this year, although her nomination looked to be in trouble due to tax issues. Now on her way out of Senate committee confirmation this week, … Continue reading

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