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Congressman David Wu Asked To Resign After Mental Health Inquiries, Tiger Costume Photo

File this under the “Asians Behaving Not-so-Badly, But Kinda Strangely” Department: Oregon Taiwanese-American Congressman David Wu has made the front page of Yahoo! for “a series of bizarre revelations in recent days about his mental health, including a photo he … Continue reading

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Hapas, Quapas, and More: Multiracialism Redefining “Asian American”

“I’m half Japanese, and my husband is all Irish.  Our kids have very Celtic coloration — pale skin and fair hair. They’re not obviously Asian in appearance at all, and yet they still feel very connected with that part of … Continue reading

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Vote Diane Mizota for VP of Pop Culture!

Ashton Kutcher is apparently the “President of Pop Culture” for snack food maker Popchips. Now, he’s seeking a “VP of Pop Culture.” I got a shout out from actress and TV personality Diane Mizota, whom I blogged about last year … Continue reading

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LA Sushi Joint Sued For Diabetic Discrimination

It’s a well known rule: when you sit down for an all you can eat meal, you have to clean your plate before ordering more food. When you sit down for a dinner of all you can eat sushi, this … Continue reading

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Kai Mai: Life as an Expat at a Shanghai Technology Startup

A few weeks ago, Kai Mai returned to the Bay Area for his Chinese New Year vacation to speak at an informal talk at Stanford about his experience working in China. Mai moved to China in mid-2010 to join … Continue reading

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JACL Scholarship Program Now Accepting Applications

The Japanese American Citizens League is kicking off its Scholarship Program for the 2011 academic year, and everyone (including Non-Japanese Americans and non-JACL members) are welcome to apply! The JACL has been helping students pay for college since 1946 and … Continue reading

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Nicki Minaj AKA Onika Tanya Maraj is Indian

I always thought that Nicki Minaj looked quite Indian and thanks to an article found during some random Wikipedia stumbling, I can now confirm that she is. (I think I started looking at an article about honey and 45 minutes … Continue reading

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Exporting Kpop on BloombergTV

Segment starts around 10:30 BloombergTV recently went out of their way to do a well researched piece on the growing popularity of Kpop. It confirmed a lot of what I had been telling friends for years, who simply could not … Continue reading

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What Asian-American Kids watch on the Internet: The Morning Benders’s Excuses

When I drove my car after letting The Daughter use it, I noticed that she had replaced one of my CDs with one that she had burned.  I decided to listen to her CD, and there was one song I … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Office Depot This commercial for Office Depot features an Asian American small business owner. There are a lot of Asian American small business owners, so it’s somewhat surprising that you don’t see more in television commercials targeting small businesses, even here … Continue reading

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UCR Study States Asian Americans “Not Viewed as Ideal Leaders”

“Asian Americans are widely viewed as model minorities on the basis of education, income and competence. But they are perceived as less ideal than Caucasian Americans when it comes to attaining leadership roles in U.S. businesses and board rooms, according … Continue reading

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Links: Jim Lee, Rock Paper Scissors, Alexander Wang, Kitchenwench

DC Comic’s Jim Lee draws Batman on the Ipad. A Cisco Commercial features Rock Paper Scissors Contest. GQ’s 5th Best New Menswear Designer in America award went to Alexander Wang. The National Library of Australia archives the Korean Australian foodblog Kitchenwench

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