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Mitch McConnell’s Wife, Elaine Chao, Fires Back at ‘Far Left’ Group for Racial Slur

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell unveiled his first 2014 re-election campaign ad and in it, his wife, former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, is featured front and center. In the ad, she references attack ads from the “far left” which recently … Continue reading

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Cornell: Asian Americans Not Held to Higher Admissions Standard

In the past few months, there has been a lot of discussion about college admissions at “elite” universities, especially after The Myth of American Meritocracy – How corrupt are Ivy League admissions? was published in The American Conservative and a … Continue reading

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A Response to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Essay on “The Good, Racist People” in the New York Times

By Ken Narasaki On March 6, a guest op-ed column by Ta-Nehisi Coates appeared in the New York Times entitled The Good, Racist People, which addresses “the idea that racism is not merely the property of the morally deformed.” I … Continue reading

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San Francisco: CAAMFest 2013 – Less Than a Week Away! (3/14 – 3/24) With less than a week away, I am looking forward to attending the Center for Asian American Media’s Film Festival, better known as CAAMFest. As a Jeremy Lin fan, I’m of course looking forward to seeing LINSANITY, the documentary, … Continue reading

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Off the Great Wall: The Complicated Chinese Family Tree

Did you know that every member of a Chinese family is called something different depending on whether it’s from one’s mom’s side or dad’s side and their seniority? It gets quite confusing, so the folks at Off the Great Wall … Continue reading

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Respondents Needed for Informal Survey about AAPIs with Mental Illness

Asians and Pacific Islanders with Disabilities of California (APIDC) is taking an informal survey to gather anecdotes about the experiences of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders with the mental health system. APIDC has been accepted to present on this subject … Continue reading

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YouTube Removes Sam Hendrickson’s Anti-Asian Video for Violating Hate Speech Policies

If you are looking for the full version of Samuel Hendrickson’s now infamous video about why he’d hate to be Asian, you’ll have to look someplace other than YouTube, which has been removing non-parody versions of this video for violations … Continue reading

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Trader Joes Cha Siu Bao vs. Authentic Cha Siu Bao

My toddler son LOVES the cha siu bao from Trader Joes. It’s his favorite thing to eat in the world. If we go to dim sum, he’ll eat the fresh bao but he doesn’t eat it with the  same gusto … Continue reading

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Iwao and Hanaye Matsushita in Ken Burn’s “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea”

Iwao and Hanaye Matsushita were a loving Japanese husband and wife. Their favorite passtime? Hiking the beautiful Mt. Ranier National Park. To them, it was not just their home away from home, not just a towering reminder of great Mt. … Continue reading

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Haunted by ‘Christmas in Hanoi’

This was originally published at LA Stage Times and has been republished at 8Asians with the author’s permission. Christmas in Hanoi is currently running at East West Players at David Henry Hwang Theater, 120 Judge John Aiso St., Los Angeles. … Continue reading

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The Daily Show: Michelle Rhee

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Last month, Tina had blogged about Michelle Rhee and her distaste for Rhee’s maniacal focus focus on standardized testing. I think I had first heard of Rhee when she graced the cover of Time … Continue reading

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Douglas Kim’s “I’m Asian American” Music Video

Duke University graduate Douglas Kim recently launched a parody of the song “Rockin the Suburbs” by Ben Folds. As someone who was a management consultant, made the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event, but is now … Continue reading

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